About Us


Building Partnership, Facilitating Growth

The Pan Africa-USA Business Summit is more than just an event; it's a fuel for global economic transformation. This prestigious summit serves as a beacon for international trade, investment, and strategic alliances, uniting visionaries, CEOs, government officials, and business leaders on a single platform.  

    What to Expect

    • Keynote Addresses: From prominent top political and business leaders driving change in global business landscapes.
    • Plenary Sessions and forums hosted by countries, states, businesses and organizations.
    • Investment Pitches targeted at states, businesses and organizations with special projects seeking direct investments, strategic partnerships and pathways to financing.
    • Private closed-door meetings with key decision-makers to discuss business needs and potential partnerships.
    • High-level dialogues and B2B & B2G Networking
    • Exhibition & Expo Hall
    • Award gala dinner.
    • Networking opportunities for attendees to connect with top-level business contacts.

    Why Attend the Pan Africa-US Business Summit?

    • Networking Opportunities: Forge connections with elite business leaders and secure new financial allies, broadening your professional circle.
    • Strategic Influence: Play an instrumental role in fostering partnerships, investments, and trade across Africa and the Midwest United States, driving economic growth.
    • Industry Best Practices: Learn from the successes of rapidly expanding companies to enhance your business strategies.
    • Expert Insights: Absorb wisdom from a varied panel of experts discussing emerging markets, geopolitical dynamics, and prime investment prospects in Africa and the Midwest US.
    • Exclusive Interactions: Engage in meaningful discussions with senior investment professionals and policymakers from both continents, facilitating cross-Atlantic collaborations.
    • Government Engagement: Interact directly with top-tier U.S. and African government officials, including heads of state and ministers, to influence and understand policy directions.
    • Brand Visibility: Showcase your products or services to premier businesses and pivotal government figures, increasing your brand’s exposure.
    • Lead Generation: Secure valuable leads with the potential to convert into significant sales and contracts, directly impacting your bottom line.
    • Global Networking: Elevate your global presence by connecting with key stakeholders driving the future of transcontinental trade and investment.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Uncover rewarding partnership opportunities, catalyzing mutual growth and innovation between Africa and the Midwest USA.
    • Innovative Insights: Access cutting-edge perspectives on economic policies, business models, and strategies poised to redefine industry standards.

    Unlock Potential: Tap into the unlimited possibilities for your business, leveraging the summit's dynamic platform for expansion and success.

    Who Should Attend:

    • CEOs and Executives
    • Presidents of African Countries
    • Government Officials
    • Ministers and Commissioners 
    • Chairman of Corporations
    • COO, CFO, Founders & Co-Founders
    • Entrepreneur Owners
    • Partners and Managing Partners/Principal Partners
    • Internation Investors
    • Managing Directors
    • Global Financial  Institutions (Banks, Investment & Insurance)
    • Director General and Executive Directors
    • Government business entities/ Regulators & Industry Experts)
    • Special limited invitees